• Update existing IIS application package

    To update an existing IIS application that was previously installed using a web deploy package, just choose ‘No, just append the files in the application package to the destination’ when asked to overwrite existing files:

    IIS application import package

    It can be a bit confusing because it says ‘Just append the files’, but it will also update any existing files.


    btw: IIS application packages are awesome.

  • Skype / Microsoft dark patterns

    skype installer sucks

    Skype tries to install bing and change my default search engine

    We call this dark patterns.

  • EdgeTransport constantly using high CPU.

    fix EdgeTransport high CPU

    Yesterday I noticed that the Exchange 2010 EdgeTransport process was constantly using 25-30% CPU.

    Updating Exchange to Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 4 didn’t help so I had to dig a bit deeper.

    When looking in the Queue Viewer (Exchange Management Console > Toolbox > Queue Viewer) I noticed a message stuck in the Submission queue. Might this cause EdgeTransport to use excessive CPU?

    The message had an empty FromAddress (<>).  Back in 2011 someone has already posted a solution. Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work for me.

    The following (inspired by one of the comments there) did fix the high cpu on EdgeTransport:

    1. Stop Microsoft Exchange Transport Service
    2. It should appararently stop the EdgeTransport process, but it didn’t in my case. So  I decided to kill the process (after checking there were no emails in other queues)
    3. In the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Transport Roles\data\ folder there is a Queue folder. Rename this Queue folder to Queue_Old
    4. Start the Exchange Transport Service
    5. Now a new Queue folder is created and if you check the submission queue, you see that the message is gone.

    This fixed the high CPU on EdgeTransport.exe for me.

  • Telegram messaging app fixes bug in contact list

    Telegram, the Russian messaging app has fixed a bug where users could get random people in their contact lists:

    Hello! Due to the recent events Telegram became instantly popular in many countries all over the world. Because of this our team had to improve synchronization for contacts with local numbers, the ones without a country or city code.


    Unfortunately, while trying to improve the contacts sync we broke it for a short period of time yesterday. As a result you might have been notified about random people from different countries signing up for Telegram and a fraction of them could contact you.


    The problem was fixed yesterday. We tried our best to delete all wrongly imported contacts. We are really sorry about the inconvenience this may have caused to you.


    The Telegram Team

    Telegram is currently growing like crazy after Facebook announced it has bought Whatsapp.

    Telegram Messenger has apps for iOS, Android and there are even unoffical Windows, Mac and Linux apps.


    Unfortunately, it’s not completely fixed. I got contacted by somebody I don’t know from Lebanon. And I haven’t found out how to block people.

  • Zwanen


  • How to remove the annoying ad in skype

    Recently Skype began to show big ads above the chat screens. Those ads are really, really annoying but there’s a way to get rid of them.

    Skype 6.10/6.11 showing annyoing ugly big ads in the chat window

    I found out about this by watching this YouTube video:

    Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Start Internet Explorer and click on the cog icon (or press ALT+X)
    2. Go to Internet Options > Security
    3. Click Restricted Sites and click on the Sites button
    4. Enter https://apps.skype.com/ in the textbox and click Add.
    5. Click Close and OK

    Now restart your Skype and you won’t see these ugly ads anymore in Skype.

    Alternatives for Skype

    If you think that enough is enough you might want to try Viber. It does pretty much the same as Skype, but much cleaner. Google Hangouts is another viable alternative. Or take a look at the list that was published by AlternativeTo.

  • What’s new in ASP.NET MVC 5?

    Now that Microsoft has released MVC 5, let’s take a quick look on what’s new:

    • Entity Framework 6
    • SignalR 2.0
    • Razor 3.0
    • Support for Facebook and Google authentication
    • Authentication filters
    • Attribute routing
    • Bootstrap (which I think is awesome!)
    • oAuth 2.0
    • OData improvements

    read more about it here.

  • Is Skydrive the New Internet Explorer?

    In Windows 8.1, Skydrive is a crucial part of the operating system. It has been embedded into the system and cannot be removed.

    Does this mean that Microsoft is again trying to conquer a market like it tried ten years ago with Internet Explorer?

    Wonder what Neelie Kroes has to say about this…


    Windows 8.1 btw is crap at the moment. Hopefully Microsoft fixes the Skydrive integration and the crappy search in the final build.

  • experiment #1

    Dit is een experiment.

    Info en evaluatie volgt binnenkort.

  • Things to learn this summer

    Here is a list of things I would like to learn this summer:

    • Proper SignalR
    • MongoDB (with the c# driver) and NoSQL in general
    • OAuth in MVC 4/5
    • Web API in ASP.NET MVC
    • Humility¹ :)

    ¹) At the 1972 Turing Award lecture, Edsger Dijkstra delivered a paper titled “The Humble Programmer.” He argued that most of programming is an attempt to compensate for the strictly limited size of our skulls. The people who are best at programming are the people who realize how small their brains are. They are humble. The people who are the worst at programming are the people who refuse to accept the fact that their brains aren’t equal to the task. Their egos keep them from being great programmers. The more you learn to compensate for your small brain, the better a programmer you’ll be. The more humble you are, the faster you’ll improve. (source: Code Complete 2.0 via Coding Horror)

    And if you can’t sleep tonight, read Edsger’s paper here.